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General Medicine Department
This department is equipped with eminent and experienced physicians who provide primary and continuing medical care for patients and are usually the first contact for patients needing medical services. They take account of physical, emotional and social factors when diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment.The general medicine department is headed by doctors with decades of treatment experience.
Pediatrics Department
Pediatricians are concerned with the health of infants, children, and teenagers. The department provides solutions for illnesses that are common to children—minor injuries, infectious diseases and immunizations. The Pediatrics department actively conducts immunization and vaccination programs with various government agencies and social organizations.
Orthopedics Department
The Orthopedic department is headed by expert doctors who constantly endeavour to offer their services to patients with serious conditions. The hospital has specialized doctors and facilities to take care of various orthopedic cases. In addition, the hospital also offers unique support in terms of having an Ayurvedic unit which specializes in bone, spine and joint problem. A patient gets a unique opportunity of availing the expert advise of both Ayurvedic and Allopathic doctors under one roof.  
Occupation Health Department
Over usage of electronic gadgets, computers, irrational diets, erratic lifestyles and lack of exercises is increasingly exposing the work force of today more prone to lifestyle diseases and exposing the employees to increased incidence of diseases resulting in low productivity and attendance. IT and ITES services segment, corporate sector, sports personnel, aviation industry, etc were identified as industries which is more prone to occupational health problems.

We have identified and conducted occupational health camps for bank employees, lawyers and in corporate organizations. Our team visits corporate sites periodically and conducts health check ups. Our multi disciplinary approach of modern diagnosis systems, traditional ayurvedic systems supports us to deliver diagnosis with preventive treatment and we provide advise on lifestyle interventions including diet, exercise and yoga regimentation.
The Ayurveda department at BiphaLife Hospital is a well developed and evolved department of the hospital. The Ayurvedic department offers diagnosis and treatments for acute, chronic conditions as well as preventive and rejuvenative therapies. Individualised holistic treatment is offered at the hospital and patient specific therapeutic regimentation is determined after diagnosis of each patient. Patients undergo a very individualised therapeutical procedure decided for the individual case by the doctors after diagnosis
and evaluation of their health condition. Patients are advised to be inpatients at the hospital and are recommended to follow the diet and regimens advised by the doctors. Diet and medicines are administered timely by our nurses which is very important to comply with while undergoing ayurvedic therapies. Patients are advised to only engage in activities which allows the body to rest which the therapy is conducted and to also rest for the same period for which the therapy is conducted.
The normal treatment periods are 7,14 and 21 days.
Yoga and Meditation
Mind plays a pivotal role in the healing of the body and in achieving good health. Our patients are recommended to join the yoga classes held at the hospital. Yoga not only balances the body but also helps improve the mental balance aiding the patient to achieve overall mind–body balance.

Regular classes are conducted for outside guests as well, to train and to learn yoga.
Clinical Research Department
The Clinical research department at BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre documents all treatments conducted at the hospital. Documentation of treatment practices and medicine administered are tracked periodically and discussed within our expert committee of doctors. The clinical research department works under an ethical committee specially constituted for the purpose and conducts research cleared by the committee.  
Dental Department
A Dental department is proposed to be opened at BiphaLife Hospital, soon. The prohibitive cost of dental care in all developed countries including Europe, US and the Middle East countries and the dearth of organized dental care centres in India has prompted us to offer this service for our patients.  
Our Team of Doctors
Dr. Linta Maria James BAMS
Completed graduation from Moodabhadri Ayurveda Medical College, Manglore. Has got two years experience as an ayurvedic physician at Vaidyasala, Kalarical Bazar, Kottayam.
Dr. Shanti MBBS
General Physician
Dr. Saramma B Sc., DSS, MBBS
Dr. Anil Mathew
Worked as a physician in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from1998-2005.
Senior consultant at SH Medical Centre Kottayam from 2005.
Dr. Greeshma Paul BAMS
Dr. Asha Sunny BAMS
Dr. Reshma C BAMS
Taking into consideration of the growing population of diabetic patients all over the world, especially in Kerala, we have set up a diabetic clinic in our hospital. The objective of this clinic is to spread awareness about this disease among public, provide the precautionary measures against the disease and a proper medical guidance to the diabetic patients.We have developed a unique programme which offers diagnostics, solutions and advise including life style and diet changes to prevent and manage Diabetes. A unique feature of the Diabetic clinic is the availability of both Allopathic and Ayurvedic medical experts to understand, diagnose and to develop a programme unique for each patient. The programme may include exercise, diet, meditation, diagnosis, and constant advise and monitoring by both Ayurveda and Allopathy departments.
"Make life drool over you with the right blend of food, exercise and attitude’’. We at Bipha Life, will guide you to select a menu for Nutritious diet, pertaining to your condition and dietary habits and to take the first step in the right direction. We emphasize the phrase-‘’No fasting, No feasting””
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