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BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre is part of the Bipha Group which is a diversified business group founded by Pappy Vaidyan in the year 1929. The group has over eight decades of experience in the field of healthcare and has marked its presence in the hospitality, retail segments.
The flagship company – Bipha Drug Laboratories is a pioneer manufacturer of Ayurvedic and pharmaceutical formulations and is one of the largest licensed manufacturers of value added ayurvedic formulations.
Bipha Therapeutics, is a group company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations.
Bipha Drug Laboratories manufactures over 400 Ayurvedic formulations, 110 proprietary formulations and personal care products in compliance to ISO 9001 GMP standards
Bipha products are available across more than 3000 outlets in Western and Southern India and are also exported to 13 countries. Bipha products are very well accepted by the medical fraternity for its quality, efficacy and reliability.
Bipha Hotels & Resorts ( Pvt.) Ltd.,a group company is a pioneer in the hospitality industry in the State and operates a 45 room hotel near Periyar Tiger Reserve. Kerala.
Bipha Group has also forayed into retailing under the brand ‘Bipha Ayurveda‘ —an ayurvedic retail boutique in Cochin, Trivandrum International airports. The retail initiative currently offers about 180 skus across 8 product categories. The first branded international store is proposed to be opened in the current year.
BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre is our initiative to extend our services in delivering quality healthcare which has huge inadequacies in terms of capacity and quality of service. BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre is conceptualized to be world class research medical centre for integrated, evidence based alternative medicine.
Pappy Vaidyar
Koshy Varghese, fondly known as Pappy Vaidyar, was born in the year 1908. His parents were farmers of a remote village, Ochira, in South Kerala. It was the early nineteenth century, a time when healthcare and medicines were practically unknown to the small farming communities. A time, epidemics and disease played havoc in day to day life of common men.
Pappy Vaidyar as a young man, was pained by the suffering of society around him, committed his life to the alleviation of the agony inflicted by diseases.
After his primary schooling in Ochira, Pappy Vaidyar enrolled in a gurukula near Kayamkulam where he  commenced his discovery of the world of Ayurveda. Pappy Vaidyar used to finish the job assigned to him in the paddy fields early in the morning and used to walk long distances to reach his gurukula to get training in Ayurveda. He toiled hard to learn the practice of Ayurveda and was one of the blessed students of his Guru.
Pappy Vaidyar truly believed that divine intervention played a key role to become an Ayurvedic physician. As a young boy, he used to travel long distances on foot from Ochira. On one such day, he stopped for the night at a vazhiyambalam— a roadside travel shelter. As he slept, he dreamt of an aged horseback rider, who advised him to move to another place to rest that night. He later learned that the shelter was ambushed that particular night. Pappy Vaidyar maintained that it was St. George, the patron saint to many Keralites, who appeared in his dream to save him a life threatening situation. Thus he founded SGA Pharmacy in 1929, an abbreviation for St. George Ayurvedic Pharmacy, which later was renamed Bipha Drug Laboratories.
Pappy Vaidyar was a gifted physician, a true philanthropist and above all a good human being truly dedicated to his patients and to the betterment of the society at large. He was very successful in his practice from the beginning and provided yeomen service to the patients in Ochira and later on to the Central Travancore region. True to his commitment, Pappy Vaidyar was never charged any fee for consultancy from the very beginning of his service to his final days.
Pappy Vaidyar was very innovative, ethical, compassionate and had high levels of integrity. He has made yeoman contributions to Ayurveda, one of the key one’s being the development of Kashaya tablets. A discovery in the year 1971, the year Bipha’s first Ayurvedic tablet was developed. Today his innovation touches not less than 400 innovative products and directly and indirectly supports at least 1000 families. Pappy Vaidyar was a very active member in the development of Ayurveda in yester years and has been a member of the Oushadhi, Ayurveda samajam and other councils of Ayurveda. The number of accolades he received for his contribution to Ayurveda, includes blessings from Pope John Paul II.
Even today, Bipha follows his principles of innovation in all our endeavours. It is a key element in all our new activities. The ideals, philosophies and principles set by Pappy Vaidyar even today and remains as the foundation stones of our organization and inspires as motivates as to aspire for more milestones for the group.
1. Excellence: BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre is an institution of excellence and shall meet and exceed the expectations of all those we serve. We set and adhere to the highest standards possible for all that we do.
2. Integrity: BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre shall maintain the highest levels of personal and professional conduct. We shall always conduct ourselves in an ethical and honest manner.
3. Compassion: BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre shall provide a friendly, caring environment where the patient comes first. We shall deliver compassionate care, treating patients and families with respect and dignity.
4. Respect: We pledge respect for the diversity of traditions and cultures within our organization and the broader community we serve. We will maintain an environment that encourages fair treatment and equal opportunity.
5. Teamwork: BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre will foster collaboration and cooperation among individuals and departments. We will work together as a team and treat each other with respect.
6. Quality: Quality in all aspects of health care delivery is of the utmost importance. We will work together to continuously improve our standards of care and our clinical outcomes.
7. Safety: BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre will strive to maintain safe clinical and physical environments for patients, staff and physicians.
8. Innovation: We value new ideas. BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre's clinical, research, efforts will be directed toward innovation in the identification, prevention, and treatment of orthopedic and rheumatic diseases and conditions.
9. Education: We are committed to the professional growth and development of staff and to the education of patients and the community.
10. Efficiency:.BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre will strive to operate efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining the highest standards of care. We will fulfill our mission only if we successfully manage our financial and other resources
BiphaLife Hospital & Research Centre strives to become an innovative centre of excellence that constantly delivers quality ayurvedic and allopathic healthcare with integrity and compassion and shall actively work towards raising the standards in healthcare while continuous contributing to research in evidence based medicine. It shall be our constant endeavour to deliver responsible, responsive and cost effective solutions for preventive and curative health care while continuously satisfying patient requirements.
"To Heal, to Discover"
“To serve and enrich the quality of life of patients suffering from diseases, through the efficient deployment of technology and human expertise, in a caring and nurturing environment with the greatest respect for human dignity and life.”
“To bring quality compliant to international standards healthcare within the reach of every individual.”
“Committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.”
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